Fartlek Training Sessions


Keen amateur runner & qualified coaching assistant who likes keeping fit & devising training plans that help you get faster. The plans on this site have helped me knock minutes off all my times. I also love cats and popcorn.

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9 Responses

  1. Steven Mather says:

    Hi , currently serving in army. Want to decrease my 2mile time and also become more efficient at long steady runs.

  2. Willie Scott says:

    For the GERSCHLER FARTLEK it says 30-15-30 as the last effort which I assume is run hard 30, 15 second job, run hard 30 then it says REPEAT times 3.
    How long a break between Sets?

  3. Phil Plasma says:

    I’ll be doing the ‘The Street Light/ Lamp Post Run’ tonight; depending on the spacing I may sprint the distance of two posts and then briskly walk the distance of one.

  4. Magnus says:

    What is exactly stride hard if for example I follow sub 20 mins. plan?

  5. Toby says:

    Hi Matt, the traffic light session says “3 seconds min easy” – is that 30secs or 3mins?

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