Age Grade Calculator

The age grade calculator is a method used to identify the quality of a performance adjusted for gender, age, and distance.

It is a great way of comparing your own performances across various distances and also against the performances of other runners as it allows for adjustment to these factors to provide a percentage result. The higher the percentage result, the better the performance.

Age Grade Calculator

All Masters standards/factors are as approved by the World Masters Athletics (WMA) and are calculated based on the tables maintained by Alan Jones and are available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Age Grade Calculator Form

Select your gender, event and time result, then press the Calculate button to retrieve your age-graded performance details.

Enter Age:
Enter Time:

Your Age Graded Result:

  • 100% = Approximate World-Record Level
  • Over 90% = World Class
  • Over 80% = National Class
  • Over 70% = Regional Class
  • Over 60% = Local Class
  • Under 60%

How Age Grades are Calculated

Age gradings are calculated with reference to tables based on the standards/factors that are as approved by the World Masters Athletics (WMA). Your performance is evaluated against the approved standards to determine your age grade performance. Here’s a breakdown of what each factor is and how it impacts your score:

This factor is used to calculate an age-graded result (as defined by your gender and event) so that meaningful comparison can be made between athletes of different ages.
Open Standard:
The open standard for this distance for your gender.
Age Standard:
The top standard for your age and this distance.
Your Age Graded Time:
Your time adjusted for age against the open standard.

Age Grade Comparison Form

After you have calculated your age-graded performance, you can enter a different age here to get an equivalent age-graded performance.

This is especially helpful if you want to know how much faster you need to run against an older opponent or how much faster a younger opponent must run to “beat” your age-graded performance.

Enter an Age for Comparison:

Want to improve your age grade result?

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10k Training Plans

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Half Marathon Training Plans

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9 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m also getting an incorrect result – at 29yo and 27:17 for the 5km distance…. Giving me world class status even though I’m far from it 😉

    • Matt says:

      Hi, thank you for letting me know about this. Seems in this scenario the calculation is getting into a bit of a muddle. I will look at this right away and correct it :-). Thanks again.

  2. dan says:

    I put in 30:55 for a 5k as a 29 year old and it gave me 101.393% which doesn’t seem right

  3. Aaron Altamura says:

    Curious as to why the standards are so tough? If I run a 19:59 5k at age 30, I’m just in the local class w/ 65%. Does this mean amongst all competing runners or just the general population? Thanks!

  4. Seems to be a bug in the code – the 5km/10k selection is ignored and all done on 10km basis. My 25min times for 5km gave a >153% score. :-).

    • Matt says:

      Hi Steve, thank you for your feedback; it’s always appreciated.
      Re the age grade calculator, can I ask which age you put in? Also, which browser were you using? Cheers.

      • I put in age 56. And time of 24mins not 25 (typo). I found changing the gender and distance selections made no difference to the given answer of 153.75%.
        I’m using Windows Internet Explorer v11 as browser

        • Matt says:

          Thanks, Steve. Yes I see what you mean now. It’s a problem with my code for Internet Explorer, it works fine for other browsers which is why I couldn’t see the problem straight away as I use Chrome. I’ll try and get it fixed over the coming weekend.
          Thanks for letting me know and hope the training is going well.

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