8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

This 8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan is for runners who have not run a half marathon before but who are comfortable with running the 5k or 10k distance.

Once you are happy that you can cover the half marathon distance, why not target a particular race time or perhaps aim for a new PB using one of our structured half marathon training plans for sub 2 hour half marathon, 1:45 half marathon, 1:30 half marathon, or the 1:15 half marathon.


8 week Half Marathon Training Plan

* if racing on the Sunday consider an easier week to taper.
WeekMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayTotal Mileage
13 milesOff4 milesOff3 milesCross-train6 miles16 miles
23 milesOff4 milesOff3 milesCross-train7 miles17 miles
34 milesOff4 milesOff3 milesCross-train8 miles19 miles
44 milesOff5 milesOff4 milesCross-train9 miles22 miles
54 milesOff6 milesOff or Cross-train4 milesOff or Cross-train10 miles24 miles
64 milesOff6 milesOff or Cross-train5 milesOff or Cross-train11 miles26 miles
74 milesOff6 milesOff or Cross-train5 milesOff or Cross-train12 miles27 miles
8*4 milesOff5 milesOff or Cross-train6 milesOff or Cross-train13.1 miles28.1 miles

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  1. Tom says:

    Same as above. Please fix links for half marathon plans.
    Love the site! Thanks.

  2. dhairya raval says:

    hi am not able to open your sub 1.45 half marathon training plan on your site could you forward me thanks