Couch to 5k Training Plan


Keen amateur runner who likes keeping fit & devising training plans that help you get faster. The plans on this site have helped me knock minutes off all my times. I also love cats and popcorn.

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9 Responses

  1. Derek says:

    Can you please explain what “Run 2, Walk 2 x8” means? I don’t quite understand. Thank you!

  2. Peter says:

    Thanx for this! I’m starting week 6 now and very optimistic about getting to 30′ non-stop (getting to 5k in 30′ will be the next goal). One question though: When it says Run 10, Walk 3, Run 5, does that mean that between the first Run 5 and the second Run 10 there’s also a Walk 5?

    Hope to hear from you (or anyone else :)),


  3. Phila says:

    Awesome tick tock, unlike the tick tock jogs of other c25k plans. We are using it to get my kid up to 5k and they’re so excited really wanting to get on to 10k training! We’re in week 5 session 2, and they’re just about stable. At the end of each session we also do a fun fast sprint as far as you can go!

    For 10k they actually just want to redo this as an addon to the 5k, so run a 5k and then add in after that a week 1 session 1.

    Questions, sorry:
    1. About week 6 session 3, I see it’s easier than the end of week 5, is that intended?
    2. They’re seeming to be stable at about an 8’/k pace, so I’m worried about the transition from week 8 session 2 to session 3 (or going from running a separate 30′ to a nonstop 40′). If they fail, do you have a suggestion for a “week 9” then?


    • Matt says:

      Hi Phila, it’a great that you are getting your kid up to the 5k mark. Re you specific points:
      1. Not really, it should of been a 3 rather than 4 reps, I’ve amended the table and added a column on the right showing a breakdown of the total time spent running per week.
      2. I’ve also amended session 2 in week 8 so it’s 20+20 mins which should ease the transition. It’ a good general point that if the 5k is being completed in over 40 minutes then throwing in a week 9 is an option. Something similar to a: 1# Run 20 Walk 3 Run 20; #2 Run 22 Walk 3 Run 22; #3 Run 25, Walk 3, Run 25 or race.

      Hope that helps,

  4. Martin Engelbrecht says:

    Hi Matt I am 53 years old started running parkrun six months ago ran 45 minutes now run 35 minutes. I am feeling awesome not half as tired as when I started. How long will it take to go sub 30 minutes. I have a twenty minute run with a very good hill which I do twice a week. Thank you so much. Regards Martin Engelbrecht

    • Matt says:

      Hi Martin,
      It’s great to hear stories like yours; it sounds like you are doing great so well done. In terms of getting below the magical 30 mins I would suggest you look to extend one of your training runs in the week up to 30/35 mins. If you are running twice weekly and doing 20 mins each time you should perhaps looks to run for a bit longer. Do this incrementally, i.e., 22 mins, then 24mins etc…
      You can obviously manage the 5k distance over the Parkruns, so it’s just a case of doing more training to this distance and then you can focus on speed to get your time down.
      Once you are running for longer you can then concentrate on running faster over the distance and try the 30 minute training plan on the site.
      Let me know how you get one and keep up the good work!