On a Runners Routine

I’m not one for routine, but, I try and leave the house at precisely 07:00am every day to begin my journey to work. I don’t like to leave late but when unforeseen events conspire against me the tardiness of my departure is judged purely on the progress of a fellow runner that I drive past every morning.

He runs down my road every day at the same time wearing the same red little shorts.

Like me, he’s obviously not one for routine either. I know precisely how late I am by the point on my road that I drive past him. He’s an elderly chap and his commitment to his early morning run is a true inspiration as come rain or shine, sleet or snow, he is out in it doing his bit.

I have images of him creeping out of bed in the morning at 6:30am careful not to disturb Doris. His shorts neatly pressed and ready to go, socks and shoes by the door. He’s done it for so long he could probably get dressed and run the first mile or two with his eyes closed. He must love his early morning route. In two years I’ve never seen him running anywhere else, on no other roads, in no other direction. I’ve never even seen his face; just his little red shorts plodding along down the road. Still, I feel like I know him.

I like to think that when I have reached his age that I too will be out running, keeping fit, running away the stresses of life, whatever the weather! Sadly, I fear I may lack his commitment as sometimes even a single grey cloud and a puff of wind is enough to convince me that a storm of biblical proportions is imminent and that maybe the warm & cosy gym is a more sensible option.



Keen amateur runner & qualified coaching assistant who likes keeping fit & devising training plans that help you get faster. The plans on this site have helped me knock minutes off all my times. I also love cats and popcorn.

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