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The home of structured training plans for runners of all abilities. Whether it’s 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon training, our training plans have all the components to help you on your way to achieving your target time. All our plans are designed relative to your current ability and aspirational race pace.

Training Plans Targeting Required Race Pace

runningfastrIt doesn’t matter if you are running your first 5k race or your 100th 10k, it helps to have a bit of structure to work with rather than following generic training plans.

If you have a particular goal or new personal best time in mind, some focused training that is tailored to your specific target race pace can make the difference and give you the platform to achieve your ambitions.

For example, if you want to achieve a sub 60 minute 10k, then training at or close to the required race pace of 9:39 per mile (5:58 per km) rather than following a generic plan can have can a real positive impact on your results.

Our training plans are tailored relative to your current ability and aspirational race pace; helping you to complete all the required training components to help you run faster and get stronger.

It’s important that you select the right plan for your current ability so please take a moment to check out the following guides before starting a plan:

Why it helps to follow a structured training plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to start? Select one of the 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon training plan options below:

5k Training Plans

Couch to 5k Training PlanSub 30 Minute 5k (9:39 per mile)22 minute 5k (7:03 per mile)
5k Training Plan for Beginners28 minute 5k (9:00 per mile)Sub 20 minute 5k (6:25 per mile)
26 minute 5k (8:21 per mile)18 minute 5k (5:45 per mile)
24 minute 5k (7:42 per mile)16 minute 5k (5:10 per mile)

10k Training Plans

Sub 60 minute 10k (9:39 per mile)50 Minute 10k (8:03 Ppr mile)Sub 40 Minute 10k (6:26 per mile)
55 Minute 10k (8:52 per mile)45 Minute 10k (7:15 per mile)35 Minute 10k (5:38 per mile)

Half Marathon Training Plans

Generic 8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan2hr Half Marathon Training Plan (09:07 per mile)Sub 1hr 30min Half Marathon Training Plan (06:50 per mile)
1:45 Half Marathon Training Plan (08:00 per mile)Sub 1hr 15min Half Marathon Training Plan - coming soon

Age Grade Calculator

The age-grade calculator is a method used to identify the quality of a performance adjusted for gender, age, and distance. Try our age-grade calculator to find your age-graded performance results.

Calculate your age grade percentage

Example Training Sessions

Cross Country

There are a whole range of benefits to be had by introducing a bit of off-road running into your training plan.

Treadmill Training Sessions

Treadmill workouts can be a great tool to use in your training plan. Any decent treadmill will give you a range of options like increasing the gradient and quick-set speed variations which can really help your training regardless of whether you are a plodder or a speed-merchant.

High intensity interval training

HIIT, or High intensity interval training running workouts are short, high-intensity efforts of exercise followed by equal or slightly longer periods of recovery or rest. The intensity should be close to or at your anaerobic threshold which, when compared with continuous intensity exercise, studies have showed burn more calories and improve aerobic capacity.

Cross Training for Runners

A large proportion of running injuries originate from the same basic source. Doing too much, too soon. For beginners this could be caused by too sudden an increase in mileage, or for the more experienced runner, simply by over-doing it.

Fartlek training

Named after the Swedish for ‘Speed Play’, the fartlek training session is a less structured and largely more creative way to do speed interval training.

Hill Training

To some, the idea of repeatedly running up and down a hill when there are a whole host of flat-surfaced alternatives available, might sound insane but adding weekly or bi-weekly hill sprints or Kenyan hill training session to your training schedule can be hugely beneficial.

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  1. Martin Mitchell says:

    Any full marathon plans in the pipeline?

  2. LR says:

    I think I must be a ding a ling. I can’t find the complete half marathon 1:45 training plan. What I see on your site looks like a sample. Am I missing something?

  3. Bonnie Jean Hubner-Mallen says:

    I’m so EXCITED to say the 5k I ran today was Awesome… Because of you, I managed to finish 24min, 39sec and I stopped Once.. I’ve been following for awhile, but I was following this everyday……

  4. Sebastian says:

    Hey Matt, the sub 45 10k page still cannot be opened. Can you help? Best regards from Germany! Sebastian

  5. Peter Leslie Trifunovic says:

    noooooo! where has the sub 20 5k page gone? I am LOST!

    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi Peter, apologies for the downtime; my hosting service had some technical issues. Should all be back online now! Cheers.

  6. Joey says:

    Hi, I can’t access any of your pages other than the home page is this temporary?

    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi Joey, apologies for the downtime; my hosting service had some technical issues. Should all be back online now! Cheers.

  7. Stephen says:

    Hi Matt, In terms of recovery runs what do you recommend. Currently looking to run sub 19 5k.



  8. Karyn Reynolds says:

    Hi Matt, i am using you Half Marathon 1:45 training plan. You have written about 800m intervals but haven’t actually included them in the plan?? Wonder where I should include these in the program. Also..tempo runs..should they be ran at target pace?? Cheers in advance : )

  9. Nancy says:

    Hi Matt,

    I can’t seem to find any information about a warm up for the trainings!

  10. Madalene says:

    Hi Matt,
    Just wondering when the sub 1 hour 45 min half marathon training program will be released? I think your programs are fantastic and have seen a vast improvement in my times/pace in a very short space of time.

  11. Jon Acker says:

    Hi Matt these training plans are very interesting, but I would like to ask you are the 5k workouts applicable to kids? I have 2 kids 9yo girl and 8yo boy and they will be running 3k in cross country and I’m thinking of applying the 5k. Would you advise it or no? My daughter’s or in 3k is 13:33 and my son’s 2k pr is 9:25 and he’s never tried the 3k. If I do try it, how should I modify the rest time? Thanks I appreciate it.

  12. Marc Sim says:

    Looking at the training plan for the sub 24 minute 5k, I noticed that it was only 4 weeks. Is it really only that long or is it part of a cycle that repeats once or twice more? It’s a bit hard to think it’d be that fast to knock off two minutes from my time.

    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi Marc, yes it’s a cycle that repeats. The page recommends 2-3 cycles of the plan before a PB attempt before some time for recovery. Cheers.

  13. Graham says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just wanted to write you a note and say thanks very much for taking the time to put your website together and produce these plans. They’ve been really helpful for me.

    Thanks again


    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi Graham, thanks for your comment. It makes the time and effort worthwhile to know that you have found the plans useful in achieving your goals. Thanks!

  14. Hello Matt, I got your website from the NHS health unlocked. I am 58, female ( a bit overweight) but in good health . I ran a 10 k on Sat at 1 hr 25 and would like to focus on getting faster, probably concentrating on 5 ks . Can you suggest a training plan for me ? Manybthanks, Fiona Thompson

    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi Fiona, unfortunately I don’t have any on the site that are currently suitable but if you are still looking for one I can put one together for you if yo are still interested? Just let me know.

  15. George says:

    Hi, thanks for the great website and training plans. Am getting closer to 18min 5k! Just wondering if you have any marathon training plans at all? Am planning on entering one in early autumn, so have ages but am yet to find a plan that looks/feels right. Thanks, George

    • Matt Matt says:

      Hi George, it’s a great question because I’m currently working on the marathon and half marathon training plans for the site. I’ll drop you a mail if you like when they are online, or just check the site again in a month or so. Cheers.